Diva Cup Not Working Out For You?

Many new MeLuna customers come to us because they were unsuccessful with their initial choice of cup: the Diva Cup.

The Diva cup is unusual in that it is a very tall cup even in the smaller diameters.

Let’s have a look at our selection of standard height MeLuna Cups next to the Diva Cup

Brand Comparison: Diva Cup vs Me Luna

brand comparison diva cups next to meluna cups
from small to Xl: Diva Cups and MeLuna Cups side to side

As you can see even the Diva menstrual cup meant for new users / teens is unusually tall. It’s no surprise that many Diva users complain about being able to feel the Diva cup’s handle.

Let’s compare the actual measurements

Size Height (w/o handle) Diameter Volume to Top Volume to Holes
Shorty Small 33 mm 38 mm 15 ml 9 ml
Shorty Medium 36 mm 41 mm 19 ml 11 ml
Shorty Large 39 ml 44 mm 24 ml 15 ml
Shorty XL 41 mm 47 mm 28 ml 18 ml
Small 45 mm 38 mm 23 ml 16 ml
Medium 48 mm 41 mm 26 ml 18 ml
Large 51 mm 44 mm 34 ml 24 ml
XL 56 mm 47 mm 40 ml 28 ml
The MeLuna USA Menstrual Cup Size Chart with Dimensions and Volume
Handle Style adds to height:
Ball Handle approx 10 mm
Ring Handle approx 13 mm
Stem Handle approx 17 mm
Since the MeLuna Menstrual Cup comes in 3 different handle options we are listing handle height separately
dimensions of meluna menstrual cups (include in text form on this page)

And here are the Diva Cup Measurements in comparison

Size Height with handle Diameter
Diva 0 65 mm 38 mm
Diva 1 66 mm 42 mm
Diva 2 66 mm 45 mm
These measurements include the handle of approx. 10mm

Menstrual Cups when Standard Cups are way too long : Low Cervix Menstrual Cups

While many users for whom the Diva is too long can simply switch to a standard MeLuna to enjoy more well proportioned dimension for users needing the larger diameters AND a shorter cup, a MeLuna Shorty may be in order.

The MeLuna Shorty is made specifically for users with below average cervix height.

Let’s have a look next to the Diva cups!

diva cup menstrual cups next to meluna shorty low cervix cups

As you can see the MeLuna Shorty are significantly shorter in height while still offering the same diameter to ensure a good seal

Want to see what cup would fit you better? Consult the Cup Fairy!

consult the cup fairy

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