Shipping Policies


Please note that shipping speed is separate from processing time. For example we are closed over the weekend. Order processing times can vary from 1 to 3 business days.

If you order on a Saturday, your order will be processed Monday. It will enter the mail stream Tuesday. Shipping time will therefore be calculated with Tuesday as the start date, not Saturday.


We try to keep costs low by offering First Class Shipping. A faster shipping option is Priority Mail.


All packages - both First Class and Priority Mail- are automatically shipped with Tracking and Delivery Confirmation. There is no extra charge for this service.

Once the postal service marks your package as delivered we consider our part of the transaction completed. 

Shipping scenarios resulting in order not received

  • Shipped to correct address but has not arrived after extended time*: If the address we shipped to is the address given by the customer and the package is not marked as delivered after an extended period of time by the postal service, we would consider the package lost in transit and we will ship a replacement at no cost to you. *extended period of time= 18 days after shipping for first class; 9 days after shipping for Priority


  • Shipped to correct address and marked as delivered but not received: If your package is marked delivered and we shipped to the correct address, please contact your LOCAL post office right away. (Not the 800 number). All of our parcels are shipped via delivery confirmation. At the time of delivery your parcel is scanned and a GPS record is attached to the tracking number at that time. This will allow your local carrier to know where the package was actually delivered to and if misdelivered, retrieve it and redeliver it to you. 

If you encounter any difficulties with the USPS retrieval of a misdelivered package please reach out to us via this form: Replacement Request

  • Shipped to incorrect address - MeLuna Error: If the address we shipped to is incorrect due to an error on our side during labeling and does not match the address given by the customer with the order, we will of course dispatch a replacement at no cost to you to the correct address.


  • Shipped to incorrect/insufficient address -Customer Error: We will attempt to contact you to arrange for redelivery once the package is returned to us. We will cover the cost of the second shipment as a courtesy. We will need an updated, deliverable address to reship. 


  • Shipped internationally and returned as unclaimed by customs: We will refund the purchase price of the item once we receive it back. Unfortunately no refund can be issued on shipping charges since shipping cost has already occurred. A free re-shipment of the order is not offered under these circumstances.


For additional info on Terms and Conditions including Cancellations and Returns please see the Terms and Conditions Page. Checkout on MeLuna USA is not possible without agreeing to the terms and conditions. You were/will be presented with the Terms and Conditions during checkout.