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Money Back Insurance


We understand that some of the higher priced cup manufacturers offer a money back guarantee.

To do so as well we would have to follow suit in regards to pricing and offer our cups at a similar price to theirs. Because the founder of MeLuna really wants to keep MeLuna cups accessible to customers of all income levels, we make a great effort to keep our cups affordable.

Making everybody pay a higher price to cover those 'free' returns also seems unfair to the majority of customers, who do find their Goldilocks MeLuna on first try.

After much consideration we decided to offer the Money Back Insurance to customers to whom this policy is important.

By purchasing the Money Back Insurance with your cup, you purchase the option to receive a refund, even if it has been opened and tried on.

No refunds are given on shipping cost. The Money Back Insurance fee is not refundable.

A refund will be given for the purchase price of the cup once we receive documentation of its destruction (cut it in half and email us a pic). No physical return is required.

Alternatively we can of course also replace the cup with a different model.

The Money Back Insurance must be purchased at the time the cup order is placed. If you are purchasing more than one cup and would like the money back opt-in for all of them you would have to adjust your amount accordingly.


The Money Back Insurance is completely optional! We are dedicated to do our best to get you into MeLuna you will love! (or vice versa...get you a MeLuna, you will love ;) )

You will find that even without the Money Back Insurance, our Return and Exchange policies are designed to foster a great relationship with our customers and result in happy, successful MeLuna users.

You can find our Return policies here.

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