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Which Model to Choose?

Which Menstrual Cup Model is Best for You?

Firmness Level

MeLuna Classic

Our Softest Cup

The Classic is medium soft and the best choice for most users. MeLuna USA Classic is very flexible but firm enough so that your menstrual cup can easily unfold after insertion.

It’s a customer favorite and most find it very comfortable.

This firmness level of the Classic combines the requirements for good fit and ease of use: It is soft, easy to fold, and yet it has enough ‘spring’ to fully open easily.

Who is a great candidate for the Classic?

MeLuna USA Classic is the firmness level that works best for most users. The softer classic is easier to fold for insertion and removal. If you are new to cups, the classic is likely your best choice.


MeLuna Sport

Our Firmest Cup

The MeLuna Sport is our firmest menstrual cup. We recommend it for users involved in physical activities that require a lot of core muscle engagement. It can be a little too firm for users sensitive to pressure. A big plus of the Sport is how easily it unfolds.

The material of the Sport is 25% firmer than MeLuna Classic. This menstrual cup has a high degree of resilience and you can feel the force with which it springs back right away when squeezed together.
This ‘springiness’ ensures that the Sport cups can unfold perfectly even with strong pressure of the surrounding muscles and keep a tight seal even during more intense activities where a softer cup may collapse and leak.

Who is a great candidate for the Sport?

MeLuna Sport is designed for users involved in very active pursuits or those who have experienced leaking with softer menstrual cups. In other words the Sport firmness addresses issues related to the cup leaking because of it becoming compressed. Firmness can not compensate for inadequate diameter.

Because of it's firmness it makes a great second cup for the active user. 

Some activities have a strong effect on the pelvic floor muscles. Some examples are: yoga, horseback riding, Pilates, martial arts, pole dancing, etc.

The Sport cup is often a great choice as a second cup. Wear your comfortable Classic for most of your cycle and keep a Sport cup ready for gym!


Height of Your Menstrual Cup

Standard or 'Shorty'?

The majority of cup wearers will be happiest with a standard heigh MeLuna cup. However some menstrual cup users require a shorter cup.

MeLuna Shorty for Users with Low Cervix / Short Vaginal Canal

For that reason we also carry the MeLuna Shorty. MeLuna Shorty differs from the standard model by its shorter cup length.
The Shorty is available in the US in 2 firmness levels, 4 sizes and 3 different handle styles.

It is the best menstrual cup for cup users whose vagina is shortened (i.e. by uterine prolapse).

The shape is slightly different from the standard MeLuna. It is slightly shorter and runs tapered to a point. Due to the short cone shape it pops open more easily and seals a little more firmly.
Removal may require a little more practice at first.

We recommend the “MeLuna Shorty” for women whose vagina is shorter than average or whose cervix is located close to the entrance of the vagina. An example would be users who have a prolapsed uterus (uterine descent).

Please note: For all users with average cervix position and average vaginal canal lengths the MeLuna Standard menstrual cup will be the better option



Rated #1 Menstrual Cup for Low Cervix by the NYT Blog 'The Wirecutter' since 2016

"The MeLuna Shorty is one of the few cups designed specifically for low cervixes, and compared with the other low-cervix cups we tested, this one is far easier to fold, insert, remove, and clean."

Read the Review
Menstrual Cup Handle Styles

different handle styles of MeLuna Menstrual Cups 

Stem, Ball or Ring Handle?

The ring is easy to grasp and the MeLuna can be removed without a challenge. Beginners often prefer the ring. The ring adds approximately 10 mm to menstrual cup height.

The ball is our most frequently requested handle type. It is small and comfortably round. Many users are most comfortable with this type of handle. The ball adds approximately 5 mm to menstrual cup height.

The stem is recommended for users whose cervix sits further back/up. Even beginners who are worried that the cup may be difficult for them to grasp for removal may feel more confident with the longer stem handle. The stem adds approximately 13 mm to menstrual cup height

If it is bothersome, the handle can be cut or shortened as required. Check out our Youtube channel for a quick tutorial on how to remove your handle

Menstrual Cup Size Selection

There is a reason why MeLuna is offered in so many different versions: Our bodies are not all the same.

For a menstrual cup to work well it needs to fit well

The menstrual cup is too small when

  • a seal can not be properly formed (insufficient diameter is the most common cause of leaking)
  • the cup slides or twists
  • the cup may be difficult to remove because it sits very deep

The menstrual cup is too large when

  • the cup can not completely unfold
  • the cup can be felt while wearing creating a feeling of pressure or is even painful

The volume of your menstrual period is not the main criterion for the size. 

Heavy bleeding – what good is a cup that is large enough by volume but causes discomfort because it is too large for your body?

Minor bleeding – what good is a small cup that may accommodate your flow but it slips and does not seal?

To find your size please explore the options here:
 Find Your MeLuna Menstrual Cup Size

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