Menstrual Cup Group Orders

Menstrual Cup Co-ops: A Win-Win for You and Your Friends' Wallets (and the Environment!)

MeLuna Mini Co-op Buys are Back!

Are you looking to purchase menstrual cups with your friends and save money? Want to try different colors and sizes without breaking the bank? Look no further than the MeLuna Mini Co-op Buy!

With discounts of 20% off for orders of 10 cups or more shipped to the same address, it's the perfect way to empower yourself and your friends with affordable, sustainable period care.

Mix and match cups to find the perfect fit for every participant and discover the convenience and freedom of menstrual cups.

Organize a co-op today and take the first step towards a more eco-friendly and budget-conscious lifestyle!

How to organize a Co-op Buy:

1) Share info about MeLuna Menstrual Cups with your friends or small group. This blog post has share buttons to share on Pinterest, Facebook and X (Twitter).

2) Collect the orders from your group. Once you reach a total of 10 cups or more, each cup will be reduced from $27.95 to only $22.36 - a 20% discount!

3) Place the order on our website. The shopping cart will automatically apply the following discounts. No code needed and codes can not be combined with this offer:

- 20% off for cup orders of 10 cups or more

- Free Shipping for orders of $75 and up.

Please note we will ship all cups to one address. The Co-op organizer would be in charge of distributing the cups and collecting reimbursement from their friends/group.

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