Kits de copa menstrual para cuello uterino bajo

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Get to Know Your Menstrual Cup Kit Choices:

Our menstrual cup kits all come with: your menstrual cup, a storage pouch, a cleaning brush for the airholes, foaming menstrual cup cleanser and your choice of menstrual cup disinfection method.
1) Microwave Disinfection - this kit includes a foldable microwave safe container to boil your menstrual cup in the microwave

2) Milton Tabs - to disinfect your cups simply use one mini tablet and COLD water in the included disinfection container and leave the cup in the solution for 15 minutes.

3) Steam Device - this device is made specifically to disinfect menstrual cups. Add water, press the button and the dedvice does the rest!

    Obtenga todo lo que necesita para su copa junto con una de nuestras galardonadas copas MeLuna Shorty diseñadas para cuello uterino bajo.
    9 artículos
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