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Finding Your Fit: MeLuna Sport Cups - The Best Menstrual Cups for Sport and Exercise

Move over squishy, leaky menstrual cups! The MeLuna Sport menstrual cup is here to revolutionize your period game and let you be as active during your period as you are all other times. This fantastic cup is specifically designed for those who want to keep performing in their chosen sports at their top level during their period without worrying about leaks and discomfort. It's perfect for vigorous activities and offers safety and comfort, all while giving you the freedom to engage in any sport you desire. Running, swimming, CrossFit, martial arts... We've got you covered. But how do you choose the right menstrual cup for your athletic needs? Let's dive in and uncover the key features that make a menstrual cup perfect for sports and physical exercise, and find out if the MeLuna Sport is the right choice for you!

Perfect for Martial Arts

A Firmer Cup for Sport & Exercise

Getting the right size and learning proper insertion techniques are crucial for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Don't worry, though, there's a learning curve to using menstrual cups, especially during workouts. It may take some practice, but as you become more familiar with your cup, the comfort level will increase.

And don't forget to prep your cup pre-workout! A quick emptying and readjustment can make all the difference in maintaining a snug fit and optimal functionality during even the most intense training sessions. So, with the right menstrual cup and a little bit of prep, you can exercise with confidence and without any worries!

Success with sport menstrual cups comes down to this:

- Secure Fit: Firmer material ensures the cup stays in place, preventing leaks.

Sizing and Insertion: Choose the right size and learn to insert the cup properly.

Practice Makes Perfect: Familiarity with the cup decreases initial discomfort.

Pre-Workout Prep: Empty and adjust your cup before high-intensity activities.

Many types of sport and exercise demand a high degree of core muscle engagement. This is where the MeLuna Sport menstrual cup really excells.

It's made from a firmer menstrual cup material, which resists compression during those activities.

This is important since compression would mean the seal could break and the cup would leak.

What to Expect with Menstrual Cups for Sport

Because the material is firmer it can be a little harder to fold. That means it might take more practice to insert and remove a menstrual cup made from a firmer material, like the MeLuna Sport cup.

The firmer material can also be slightly more noticeable during insertion and removal. This will be especially noticeable towards the end of your period when there is less moisture.

To ensure your comfort, most customers prefer to have the MeLuna Sport as a secondary cup to their MeLuna Classic, rather than using the Sport menstrual cup as their only cup.


Stays in Place for Acrobatic Yoga

I originally bought a regular length and firmness (large, as was recommended to me because I've had one child), but it was way too big. I am 5'2" and 105 lbs. I got the shorty firm (Sport) because I am very active with acroyoga (so I am upside down... a lot) and rock climbing. It stays in place and I don't even feel it. Highly recommend for the active, petite lady!

menstrual cup kit with purple cup {{product.title}}
Emily D.
MeLuna Shorty Sport

Great Cup

This is the only menstrual cup I've been able to get to work for me. I tried a few silicone ones, but I love the way these are made

Amanda C.
MeLuna Standard Sport

My Goldilocks Cup

I've purchased two of these through the years, they're absolutely perfect. I love that the firmness means I never have to fuss with making sure the cup is open, I just trust that it is. I initially opted for a small, and it was just a smidge too large for my vaginal opening (had to fold to remove), so I've since switched over to the teen cup, which is perfect with that extra the firmness. The ring makes finding the cup easy, and I don't have to mangle my fingernails bringing it out (but make sure you break the suction first, especially if you have an IUD like me).

Mallory M.
MeLuna Standard Sport

Important Things to Know

MeLuna Sport cups resist leaking because they are firmer and resist compression.
There are many reasons why a menstrual cup may leak.
In fact we have written about it here in "6 Top Reasons Why Your Menstrual Cup Leaks"

If your current menstrual cup leaks because the diameter is insufficient for example, choosing a firmer cup of the same diameter would likely not make it leak less.

One way to know would be to observe when your cup leaks.
Does it leak during activity but seems fine other times?

Then a MeLuna Sport could be a great option for you!