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With appropriate use and maintenance, MeLuna menstrual cups have shown in a wear test conducted by a third party lab, that they can withstand a minimum of 3 years of wear. Many users have kept their MeLuna in great shape for many more years! Due to FDA regulations we can only claim use life that has been substantiated in third party testing. Testing is expensive. That's why we only tested for 3 years.Please note: cups are not perishable. The manufacture date is on the box to allow us to track cups in case of a recall. Manufacture date is not relevant to use life. Use life begins when use begins. Generally we count the purchase date as the beginning of the 3 year use life.Excessive exposure to UV rays will cause MeLuna to get brittle, which is why it should be kept out of the sun.

Yes. TSS cases in menstrual cup users are not common but they are possibleA few years ago a French study indicated that frequent disinfection may decrease infection risk. The study suggested to change to a fresh cup every 6 hours. To make this practical it would be best to have 4 cups in rotation and disinfect them once a day. We do offer a 10% discount for any cup purchase or 2 or more menstrual cups to make this approach more affordable. The Consumer Reports summary can be found here

Some things to keep in mind:
There are very few cases of TSS in menstrual cups on recordThe study identified that the bacteria associated with TSS clings much less to TPE than it does to silicone. MeLuna cups are made from the safer TPE material- not silicone!MeLuna cups original cleaning instructions of cleaning with Cetaphil and disinfecting only twice during each cycle was verified to be sufficient in an independent lab study for our FDA clearanceIf you have had TSS before any internally worn menstrual device (cup or tampon, etc) is NOT recommended

You can find info about MeLuna materials and manufacturing on our MeLuna Menstrual Cup Materials Page

No, absolutely not! MeLuna is not an effective contraceptive device

All bodies are different and different IUDs have different guidelines. Please consult your gynecologist for further input to find out if cup use is compatible in your case. In most cases at a minimum shortening of the string will be required.

Yes, you can. In fact MeLuna carries one of the narrowest menstrual cups on the market, uniquely suited for new menstrual cup users. Please keep in mind that your hymen may tear.

Yes, you can. MeLuna is not made from latex or silicone, but from TPE.

The raw material of MeLuna, TPE, does not contain any proteins, PVC, latex or silicone. Because of that an allergic reaction is not likely.Keep in mind that many contact allergies are linked to components in cleaning solutions and lubricants so be mindful of what you use with your cup and avoid unnecessary additives like fragrances.

Once You Have Your MeLuna Menstrual Cup

TPE cups turning oval and is completely normal!
As long as you have an adequate diameter the cup turning oval does not cause leaking.
Why does the cup turn oval?
TPE is short for thermoplastic elastomer. It means the material adjust to its surroundings under the influence of heat including body heat. The vagina is shaped like a compressed tube rather than a round pipe, hence the cup becomes oval to match its surroundings.
Check out our video on this here

We have compiled the 6 top reasons why menstrual cups leak in this blog post to make it easier for you to troubleshoot.

MeLuna cups should be removed, emptied and cleaned at a minimum every 8-12 hours. New study results suggest that changing the cup every 6 hours may be even better.

Check out our Info Page on menstrual cup maintenance here: Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Menstrual Cup

No, absolutely not! Wearing the MeLuna during sex can lead to injuries

Lubricants can be used to simplify insertion. The safest lubricant to use with MeLuna are water based. We recommend the product: Sliquid. Please do not use oils or fats on your Meluna menstrual cup. Food oils like coconut oil can turn the Meluna black. Petroleum based oils can make the Meluna floppy.


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